Sunday, 17 August 2014


When you go to a shop to buy something; you admire, touch and feel the items on display. But when you make up your mind to buy any of the items, you would always insist on the ones that have not been opened or put up for display, you would ask for the ones that are still in their packs, still wrapped up, clean and intact instead of the ones on display that initially caught you attention.... This is the same way every decent man and even society feels about a beautiful girl/woman who sends and puts up pictures of her body. To men you are just tease, a display of what they are looking for; but get this, you will never leave that shop or display stand because no man wants an already opened and used item..... Ladies! treasure your dignity, guard it jealously and respect your body... these are the essence of your womanhood.... A Word to a Wise Woman.... EB-A

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