Monday, 9 June 2014

Be REAL!!!

Never claim to be something you're not; never claim to be what you're not; be true to yourself and about yourself. If you've got it then by all means flaunt it(Na God give u) but if u don't then rejoice with those who have and continue to trust and pray believing that you will get there. Never lie about your circumstance or position in life for one lie only breeds another( if you nor get money say you nor get, if na one room "face-me-i-face u" u dey stay for mushin no wahala). The beauty of your life is not in what you have or have acquired but in how good you feel about yourself and how hopeful you are about your future putting the mercies of God in perspective. Be yourself no matter what and understand that nobody can make u inferior without your consent. BE TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE!!!... EB-A

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